Standalone platforms mark next wave in cloud-computing

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GovTech - Solutions for state and local government Article published in GovTech newsletter – September 21, 2022

Movement towards standalone platforms mirror an accelerating trend in cloud computing, independent vendors who can connect are big winners

An accelerating move to the cloud is driving a follow-on boom in purpose-built platforms. Applications capable of performing complex tasks and able to connect to major payment gateways are the winners in a world where big unified systems are failing to deliver.

The cloud continues to dominate. With all the benefits of scalability, flexibility and security a recent 2022 CompTIA PTI State of City and County IT National Survey showed 32% of CIO’s identified migrating to the cloud as a top priority for 2023. A knock-on effect of this trend is application-specific platforms emerging as the next wave.

Standalone Platforms next wave cloud computing

Applications capable of performing complex tasks and able to connect to major payment gateways are the winners in a world where big unified systems are failing to deliver.

Special event permitting provides an excellent example of the need for specific tools to perform specific tasks. Approving events requires stakeholders across multiple agencies to come together in real-time and collectively decide whether or not to issue a permit. Nimble vendors such as Eproval who possess deep expertise have demonstrated they can process permits faster, easier and more efficiently than any of their traditional counterparts. Further, their process ensures stakeholders stay informed of their responsibilities. With connections to a dozen major payment gateways this purpose-built solution has shown it’s possible to offer the best of both worlds.

Purpose-built solutions are developed in response to a deep understanding of user needs. When existing solutions can’t be found to adequately perform the job, independent software vendors set to work building tools that can address the specific requirements of the job. This approach contrasts sharply with comprehensive solutions that attempt to be all things to all people. The lure of attentive, nimble players is even more compelling when they support single sign-on and are able to integrate. The debate between wide versus narrow blurs as dedicated applications begin to offer the benefits of both.

The more likely an application is to be complex and require deep domain knowledge, the more likely a standalone solution will be required. By its very nature, special event permitting is a complex process. Dozens of stakeholders across various departments and agencies need to review and collaborate on different parts of an application. This simultaneous back-and-forth approval process needs to take place in real-time. Eproval uses sophisticated logic to do the heavy lifting making it simple for customers.

In explaining how the Eproval solution is different, Managing Director, Jonathan Thompson states, “In the simplest terms, Eproval is a multitasking platform on steroids. A process that starts out simply, quickly compounds when you multiply it by the number of stakeholders, the number of departments, the number of agencies and number of critical fields. Performing the process in anything less than real-time is inefficient for applicants and reviewers.”

Sophisticated logic in Eproval’s core application is used to coordinate and communicate in real-time. Add-on modules extend that logic to integrated calendars, permit generators, an invoicing system, reporting and dashboards.

“The logic in our platform makes life easy for our customers,” says Thompson. “We bring subject matter expertise to our clients. We translate our knowledge into a simple customer experience. We’re purpose-built with the ability to communicate with a larger ecosystem.”

Mayors across North America have embraced the trend in standalone special event permitting.

logo Newark MayorMayor Ras J. Baraka from the City of Newark said, “Using this platform will enable us to rapidly deploy support for complex permit types and improve efficiency. As a forward-thinking city, we have embraced the new trend to secure online software that meets the needs of our departments, while containing costs and allowing the flexibility to add further permitting processes. This will allow us to offer residents excellent customer service and continue to make Newark a technology friendly city.”

City of Columbus: a client of Eproval City of Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther said, “As a technology-forward city, we are committed to making it easier to apply for permits and track where those applications are in the approval process. This latest implementation will save applicants time, reduce input errors and improve transparency and communication for reviewers and approvers.”

City of Norwalk: a client of EprovalNorwalk Mayor Harry W. Rilling said, “We grant hundreds of permits every year, and we want to make this process as simple and convenient as possible. One of my major priorities is moving more systems online to improve efficiency and transparency, and help remove significant amounts of paper from a manual process. Our new online system is a real win for the community.”

City of Albuquerque: a client of Eproval Commenting on how Albuquerque improved the process for film permits, Mayor Tim Keller said, “The digital process modernizes the former paper process and will help boost our economic recovery.”

Cities and citizens ultimately benefit when purpose-built platforms like special event permitting move to the cloud. Cities enjoy all the benefits of software as a service such as the ease of implementation, enhanced flexibility, scalability, security, efficiency and transparency. Citizens enjoy an enhanced user experience. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, standalone vendors like Eproval collaborate with customers on new features and functionality and focus their efforts on remaining nimble and intensely focused on customer needs.

To see for yourself how cities are benefitting from a purpose-built platform for special event permitting, schedule a demo.

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Standalone permitting platform checklist  Yes/No
1 Must be flexible, scalable, secure and extendable Yes
2 Must interface with major payment providers Yes
3 Must be attentive, nimble and responsive Yes
4 Must have deep domain knowledge and expertise Yes
5 Must address the specific requirements of the job Yes
6 Must offer real-time updates to stakeholders Yes
7 Must not place a drain on the IT department Yes
8 Must be capable of coordinating multiple concurrent workflows Yes