Product features and product tiers

The Eproval platform is designed to be flexible and scalable to meet the changing needs of local government permitting. All three product tiers are built on the same rock-solid permitting platform and can be scaled at any time to add more users, features, functionality, application types or enhanced reporting. Eproval works on an annual subscription model and products can be upgraded at any time without any interruption in service.

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  • unlimited number of users (applicants, reviewers and approvers)
  • support for reviewers and approvers who are in local agencies and jurisdictions
  • flexibility to add additional application types (some charges may apply)
  • integration with other systems (e.g. 3rd-party payment providers, single sign-on)
  • online and call-in technical support
  • secure, cloud hosting
  • support for mobile devices
  • easy to use drag & drop files
  • ADA compliance
  • a custom portal URL
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Our Product Levels


Eproval’s flagship product with all the bells and whistles. Unlimited users and approvers. Multiple application types, flexibility to add payment processing, customized reporting, calendar function or additional modules as needed.


A robust enterprise-level product offering advanced tools, reporting, multiple applicants and approvers and processing up to two types of applications. Ideal for collaborating across departments and agencies.


A rock-solid permitting platform that features full application and approval workflows. Seamlessly scales as requirements for users and functionality change.

Core Services
Roles: Applicant, Notification Agency, Approver, Administrator
One application type
Dashboards for each role
Custom questions for specific agencies
Applications automatically saved
Application-level and agency-level communications with Applicant
Drag & drop file uploads in application questions and comments
Internal notes & debriefing notes
Conditional approvals
Duplicate & renewal applications
Related applications
Printable application
Standard payment tracking
Activity log
Email log
Communications log
Applicant surveys & reports
Application report & save report
Activity report
Email report
Manage agencies & users
Application setup tools
Content management tools
Suspend applications
Professional Services
Role: Permit Administrator
Multiple types of permit applications
Internal workflow
Predefined comments
Assign Permit Administrators to specific application types
Stakeholder surveys
Stakeholder report & export
Automated email notifications
Communications report
Event calendar
Dashboard calendar
Premium Services
Agency workflow
Application fee calculations & payments
Application summary (PDF)
Permit generation (PDF)
Automated permit numbering
Payments report & export
Custom payment reports
Invoice report & export
Public application information
Custom communication workflow
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Add-on modules

Add-on modules can be added to accommodate needs at any product level. The following is a list of add-on modules (non-custom)

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Custom integrations

In addition to preconfigured add-on modules, Eproval offers custom integrations including:

  • electronic signatures
  • document storage systems
  • financial systems
  • GIS
  • ecommerce connectors

Rapid implementation & support for multiple applications

Common to all product tiers is the expertise of our customer success team who will assist you with rapid implementation. Once you see just how easy it is to implement Eproval you may want to use our platform for multiple applications. Licensing for eProfessional and ePremium allow for multiple application types. Read how one of our customers implemented a new application type in just two weeks.

Eproval extends and scales to accommodate needs

At every level, Eproval is scalable to add additional features, functionality and users. ePremium our flagship product comes with many robust reports, workflows and other premium services that allow customers to maximize the value they are getting from Eproval. Read all the ways that Eproval scales to accommodate needs as permitting requirements change.

Driving collaboration across departments & government agencies

Issuing permits is a collaborative effort that crosses departments and external government agencies. All three products offer workflows to coordinatie approvals. Eproval offers unlimited applicants, reviewers and approvers and ePremium even offers licenses for up to five administrators. Read how Eproval helped The City of Norwalk drive improved collaboration and transparency.

Why Eproval?

Eproval is a mobile-friendly, cloud-based enterprise solution that requires minimal configuration, uses secure data protocols, and offers customers a modern user experience, which is constantly being improved and enhanced to support growing and changing customer requirements. In short, Eproval is easy to implement, easy to learn and easy to use. The platform has been designed to accommodate powerful enhancements with support for both preconfigured and custom reports. Whatever requirements you have, Eproval will seamlessly scale and grow to meet your needs.
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