Working hard to delight our customers

At Eproval we work hard to delight our customers by moving processes online, automating workflows and making life easier for applicants, reviewers and approvers. We listen carefully to what our customers are saying and develop in direct response to their needs. Here’s what a few of them are saying.

Some of our clients include:

City and County of Denver: a client of Eproval

City of Denver

POPULATION 2,800,000

“Denver’s Office of Special Events has experienced multiple operational efficiencies as a result of implementing the Eproval application software. Specifically, the data management system, effective internal workflow and communication tools, and automatic updates to our public-facing events calendar have made positive differences to our staff as well as our internal and external customers. The Eproval team has shown consistent commitment to customer service and the ongoing improvement of their application. We are excited to see what’s next as the product continues to evolve!”
Rose Watts
Operations Manager, Denver’s Office of Special Events

Eproval is different

  • Developed in response to local gov. needs
  • A dedicated customer success team that acts as an extension of your IT team
  • Rapid implementation time
  • No hidden costs, transparent TCO
  • Driving engagement and collaboration

Support for advanced reporting

  • Custom reporting for any data collected
  • Export reports to match City requirements
  • Additional module for payment & invoicing
  • Support for two-phase application that require advanced reservation of space
  • Custom integration that can support electronic signatures, document storage systems, GIS and ecommerce
City of Newark - Office of Film and Television

City of Newark

POPULATION 311,549 (2020)

“The Eproval platform has been great for film permitting purposes,” says Desiree Hadley who is leading the transition of the Newark Office of Film and Television. “We’ve been able to process permits faster, more efficiently and consolidate all invoicing, record-keeping and approvals in one place.”

Desiree Hadley

City of San Diego: a client of Eproval

Moving our special event permitting process to Eproval will be a transformative move for our Special Events office and stakeholders. It will streamline the customer service experience, provide the public with a real time status of where applications are in the approval process, and save time and energy by reducing the need for paper and in person meetings. We are very excited to be working with Eproval and look forward to providing this important service to our customers.

Natasha Collura
Director, Special Events & Filming Department

City of Sugar Land: a client of Eproval

Eproval’s Customer Success team was a joy to work with and provided a truly professional experience. They offered expert guidance and ensured a timely implementation.

Mary Roduta
Sales and Events Manager

City of Norwalk: a client of Eproval

We looked at all of our available software packages and determined that Eproval best met our needs, Eproval supports an equitable, fair and transparent process without being onerous on applicants. Eproval’s process was a proven concept for us so we knew there was flexibility in the platform, we just didn’t know if it could be done in two weeks.

Joyce Liu
Director of Information Technology

logo city color columbus

City of Columbus


“As a technology-forward city, we are committed to making it easier to apply for permits and track where those applications are in the approval process,” said Mayor Ginther. “This latest implementation will save applicants time, reduce input errors and improve transparency and communication for reviewers and approvers.”

Andrew J. Ginther

City of Albuquerque: a client of Eproval

Eproval’s streamlined process, provides consistency, continuity & trust. We would not have been able to make the same on-the-fly adjustments with our previous paper-based system. Eproval is an invaluable service and we are lucky to have such a productive relationship. It’s nice to be part of a collaboration that makes issuing permits as easy as possible. Our goal in the Albuquerque film office is to be as responsive as possible to the needs of producers. The Eproval platform has allowed us to move faster and be much more efficient.

Cyndy McCrossen
Film Liaison, Albuquerque Film Office

City of Kelowna client of Eproval

My vision for the city is one where creativity and innovation thrive, financial accountability is a given and cooperative problem solving is the prevailing culture. I see a corporation that is diverse and inviting to all and also one that attracts top events and tourism into our community. Eproval helps us operationalize this better than ever.

Doug Gilchrist
Chief Administration Officer

City of Aurora: a client of Eproval

We were seeking a customizable platform that would streamline our event permit application and approval process whilst being affordable, easy to use, and fast for us to implement. Now we have a quality product that works well for everyone involved especially event organizers and our internal departments.

Linda Jones
Project Manager

End-User Testimonial from Girls On The Run of Central Ohio - apply for special events permit in the city of Columbus using Eproval

Girls on the Run of Central Ohio

“I’m so glad that Columbus went with Eproval. The system is incredibly user-friendly and makes the management of recurring events a breeze. What used to take me 45+ minutes now takes me 5-7 minutes. Plus, I can submit the information and edit it as details become available, which also helps immensely. I would definitely encourage any city to go with Eproval. It’s so much easier for the end-user.”

Carrie Jarka
5K Committee Chair, Girls on the Run of Central Ohio

City of Fort Colllins: a client of Eproval

Internally and externally, Eproval gives added legitimacy to our special event permit program, especially because it is an easy and intuitive process which isn’t always the case in government. We have become the model for other areas of the City, and other cities.

Jan Sawyer
Special Event Coordinator

City of Richmond: a client of Eproval

Eproval has at least cut the administrative hours spent on event application and approval in half. We also cut back to 2-5 meetings a year vs the 10-14 meetings a year we used to have.

Claudia Gutierrez
Community Services

City of Barrie: a client of Eproval

Moving our special event permitting process into Eproval has been a transformative move for our Special Events Office. It has also improved our customer service and reduced the workload and burden on our community’s event organizers. Our experience with Eproval and the team has been exceptional, and we’re looking forward to launching three more permit applications in 2020.

Lindsay Robbins
Community Events Programmer