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Eproval was developed in response to the needs of special event offices. However, the combination of easy implementation and sophisticated workflows offers clear benefits to any process with applicants, reviewers and approvers. Our cloud permit software is not just another permitting system, Eproval is being used for a variety of application types and offers significant benefits in terms of savings, transparency, engagement, scalability and a centralized archive. Hover over the cards below to learn more.


Saving you time and money

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Saving in time and money

Applicants can automatically populate data from prior events, smart forms dynamically expand to indicate required fields & spontaneous tips guide completion. Reviewers enjoy fully completed forms, reduced printing costs, workflows that ease collaboration & fewer hours in meetings.

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Proactive communication

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Eproval’s cloud-based permitting software is available from any computer or device at any time, from any location – even the event itself. Applicants and event organizers can check the status of their permits online in real time, and the entire process can be conducted remotely.

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Follow-up prompts

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Automated workflows coordinate approvals between police, fire, city staff and public agencies. Real-time application updates drive timely follow-through on approvals. Stakeholders can easily approve applications on their smartphone or tablet. Ease of use and timely updates lead to increased engagement.

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Add-on features


Designed to be flexible and extendable, Eproval allows for unlimited applicants, reviewers and approvers. Sophisticated workflows accommodate any process requiring applicants and approvers. Smart forms dynamically extend and optional modules can be added for payment processing, customized reports & calendar.

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Legal audit and archiving

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Legal audit and archiving

Eproval’s centralized archive acts as a repository for all permitting records should they be needed later for legal disputes or audits. Having central records also saves time searching and allows Eproval to pre-populate fields for repeat applications or recurring events.

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Easy to implement

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Easy to implement

Guided by experts who are knowledgeable in workflow design, Eproval is easy to implement. Regardless of how many steps in your process, or how complex, Eproval will move you online and look for ways to streamline. Eproval follows a proven formula for onboarding and training, making it easy to learn and use.

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What our clients are saying

Moving our special event permitting process to Eproval will be a transformative move for our Special Events office and stakeholders. It will streamline the customer service experience, provide the public with a real time status of where applications are in the approval process, and save time and energy by reducing the need for paper and in person meetings. We are very excited to be working with Eproval and look forward to providing this important service to our customers.  Read more…
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What our clients are saying

My vision for the city is one where creativity and innovation thrive, financial accountability is a given and cooperative problem solving is the prevailing culture. I see a corporation that is diverse and inviting to all and also one that attracts top events and tourism into our community. Eproval helps us operationalize this better than ever. Read more…
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Flexibility to choose the package that is right for you

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Eproval’s flagship product, E-premium, offers all the bells and whistles while allowing for further enhancements, customizations or add-ons. E-premium comes with unlimited applicants, users, reviewers and approvers. Features multiple application types and is flexible enough to add payment processing, customized reporting, calendar function or additional modules as needed. Read more…


Offering unlimited applicants, reviewers and approvers, E-professional is a robust enterprise-level product accommodating large and small cities who require solid reporting and processing up to two types of applications. Read more…


All of Eproval’s products are built on the same rock-solid foundation and can scale and add functionality as requirements change. Get started with E-primary if you have fewer users, limited reporting demands or you’re processing only one type of application. Read more…
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