Support for multiple application types

Eproval has mastered the art of moving processes online and automating workflows. Local government permitting is a complex process that requires an understanding of process automation, workflows and City approval chains. Significant effort has gone into understanding complex processes and making them simpler and more efficient for local governments who in turn make permitting easier and simpler for the communities they serve.

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Significant expertise in workflow and process automation

Our expertise has allowed us to assist cities and state governments who wish to automate processes that feature multiple applicants, reviewers and approvers. Because Eproval is so simple to setup and configure the platform has been used for a wide variety of permitting needs. To date, Eproval has helped state and local government offices accommodate dozens of different application types including grant applications, film permits, dog licenses and just about anything else that requires multiple applicants, reviewers and approvers.

We take pride in serving state and local governments

Eproval takes pride in serving public agencies and local government offices. Our understanding of the unique needs of City Hall means that we have designed the platform to scale and extend as requirements change. The platform is flexible for adding users, enhancing functionality or extending to accommodate similar processes. We find that once our customers see just how easy it is to use Eproval they are delighted to drive additional value for their software license by automating other processes.

No matter your needs, we can design a solution that works for you

The list of different application types that Eproval supports is growing steadily. In fact, one of our most popular applications is actually a two-step process that allows special event organizers to reserve space and then apply for a permit once the dates have been confirmed. Chances are, no matter what your needs are, we can work with you to design a solution that works for you. Below is a table outlining the ever-growing list of application types that we support today. And yes, our platform can process dog licenses!

Some of the ways in which our customers use our permitting platform

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  • special event permits
  • public demonstration requests
  • street closures
  • block party permits
  • food truck/vendor permits
  • alcohol serving permits
  • fire permits
  • firework permits
  • sign permits
  • dog licenses
  • drone permits
  • filming permits
  • photography permits
  • special effects permits
  • student film permits
  • reservations of space
  • wedding permits
  • business in parks
  • parklet permits
  • right of way permits
  • outdoor restaurant permits
  • brush fire permits
  • grant applications
  • ARPA funding grants
  • sustainable neighborhood grants
  • noise permits
  • tournament applications
  • park use permits
  • street vendor licenses
  • promoter registrations
  • venue bookings
  • theatre lighting applications
  • asphalt art applications

Just ask us!

Eproval can be customized to manage all types of applications, permits, licenses and approvals. Our robust platform is incredibly flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes. If you have something in mind, don’t be shy, just ask us.