Special events permitting platform Eproval now available for purchase through NASPO ValuePoint


Feburary 28, 2022 – For Media Release

In one more example of widespread acceptance as the special events permitting platform of choice, Eproval now available in 50 states through Quest partnership as part of NASPO ValuePoint cooperative contracting program

VANCOUVER, BC – Special events permitting vendor, Eproval is pleased to announce their software-as-a-service platform is now available for purchase through NASPO ValuePoint, the cooperative purchasing arm of the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO).

NASPO ValuePoint allows state and local governments to significantly accelerate the procurement process for Eproval’s permitting platform by eliminating the need for a request for proposal (RFP) and allowing Eproval to engage directly with public agencies. Products are listed under a Master Agreement that is awarded by one government entity but made available to all governments across all states and territories.

“This cooperative contracting agreement will streamline the purchasing process, making it faster and easier for local governments to implement our special event permitting platform,” said Jonathan Thompson, Eproval’s Managing Director.

Through Quest Technology Management (Quest), one of the nation’s leading technology integrators, Eproval will take advantage of the exploding trend in cooperative purchasing. Eproval will join Quest’s Cloud Solutions Master Agreement #AR2505 to deliver software-as-a-service through the Lead State of Utah. Eproval will become an authorized fulfillment partner and will fill orders and bill customers directly under Quest’s Master Agreement.

About NASPO and NASPO ValuePoint
The National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO®) is a non-profit association made up of the directors of the central purchasing offices in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the territories of the United States. Its cooperative purchasing division, NASPO ValuePoint® facilitates cooperative public procurement solutions, using a Lead State ModelTM, to deliver competitively sourced contracts offering outstanding prices, favorable conditions, and value-added services.

About Eproval
Eproval is a software-as-a-services company (SaaS) dedicated to helping local governments move processes online, automate workflows and streamline collaboration. By taking complex processes and making them simpler and more efficient, Eproval’s platform drives improved satisfaction for applicants, reviewers and approvers. The Eproval platform offers advantages in terms of transparency, engagement, extendibility, scalability, auditing capabilities and savings in time & money. Eproval is easy to implement and is designed to fulfil the needs of eGov and net-zero initiatives.

About Quest
Quest® is a leading global technology management firm. For over 30 years, we’ve worked seamlessly with our clients to achieve their technology and business goals. Quest delivers IT managed, cloud, consulting, staffing, and support services for cybersecurity, disaster recovery, incident response, unified communications and carrier solutions, virtualization, networking, application development, data center, and physical infrastructure including access control, wireless design, video conferencing, and cabling/fiber optic. Our unique and flexible service level agreement, QuestFlex®, allows companies to customize managed technologies on-premises, off-site, or in the cloud with one of our US-based or international service delivery centers. Quest® and copyrights by Quest® are registered trademarks of Quest Media & Supplies, Inc. All rights reserved. Follow Quest: Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

For more information, please contact
Jonathan Thompson, Managing Director
jonathan @ eproval.com

Adam Burke, VP Sales and Partnerships
(800) 326-4220

Schae Kane, Marketing Director
NASPO ValuePoint