Special Event & Film Permitting

Special events contribute to the strength and vitality of communities. Sports, festivals and cultural events attract visitors, drive economic growth, inspire civic pride and fuel long-term prosperity. Although events are good and fun, they are also essential to the sustainability of cities.

special event permitting

Eproval addresses the complexity of special events permitting

As the size and scope of events has changed, permitting requirements have grown complex. Permitting platforms must accommodate events of varying size with a wide range of stakeholders, regulatory requirements and risk factors. Permit applications covering multiple risk factors, stakeholders and government agencies can quickly expand into a complex task. With such high community impact at stake there’s little room for error. Here’s where Eproval can help.

Check out the simple sophistication of Eproval.

Built to address the complexity of event applications and approvals

Eproval was developed in response to the needs of special event permitting. The expertise to take manual processes, move them online and automate them for the benefit of multiple applicants, reviewers and approvers, requires intimate knowledge of special event workflows and the unique demands placed on event offices and city resources. It also takes a touch of magic to take something so complex and make it so simple. Eproval was designed to address the complexity of special event permitting. We understand the process.

Making complex processes faster, simpler and easier for everyone!


We simplify complex processes

Issuing permits for special events is one of the most complex processes in local government. Multiple applicants, reviewers and approvers must evaluate a wide range of risk factors which can quickly make the process complex. It’s pure magic to take something so complex and make it so simple. But Eproval does just that!


We offer superior flexibility

We understand the nuances of multiple applicants, reviewers and approvers and because we are designed specifically for special events, there are never any costly workarounds. We offer superior flexibility to add additional modules, dynamically extend forms, add eporting or migrate different types of applications.


We find greater efficiencies

Eproval has worked with multiple stakeholders including event offices, city staff, agencies such as police, fire, sanitation and traffic among others to really understand the pressure points in event permitting. We’ve worked tirelessly to find greater efficiencies and drive savings in time and money. That is why we’ve also made our products easy to implement, easy to learn and easy to use.

We’re like an extension of your IT team

Only Eproval offers hands-on IT assistance with implementation, configuration and training. Our customer success team is a no-fee extension of your IT team that will work with you to meet timely implementation schedules. There are no hidden consulting fees, helpdesk charges or onerous analyst hours to get you up and running. We’re here to help.

Competitors just don’t get it

We understand special event permitting is not a linear process. Competitors still move applications sequentially through a series of predetermined steps with one person assigned to each stage. But that’s not how real-life works. For maximum efficiency, multiple stakeholders must be collaborating and working on many aspects of an application at the same time. Our clients have tried traditional solutions and learned that not all workflow solutions are created equally. When it comes to maximum ease and efficiency, Eproval stands alone as the special event permitting platform of choice.

Experts at moving processes online & automating workflows

We are experts at moving processes online and automating workflows. Most of the time that means automating the process for special event permitting, but once clients see just how easy it is to set up and configure our platform, they are delighted to use our software for grant applications, film permits, dog licenses and just about anything else that requires multiple applicants, reviewers and approvers. To date, we have helped customers accommodate dozens of different application types. Check out all the creative ways our clients are using Eproval.

Simpler for local government, simpler for the community

We take complex processes and make them simpler and more efficient for local governments who then make it easier and simpler for applicants to apply for permits. We are designed for local government, we understand the unique needs of City Hall and our platform is designed to scale and extend as needs change. We’re here to help. Let us know if you would like Eproval to design a solution for your permitting needs.

Isn’t it time you simplified your process for special event permitting?

Just ask us!

Eproval can be customized to manage all types of applications, permits licenses and approvals. Our robust platform is incredibly flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes. If you have something in mind, don’t be shy, just ask us.