The Eproval Story

Today, Eproval is a strong team of experienced professionals with a laser-focus on transforming the way in which local governments process workflows. We’ve branched out from special event permitting and now tackle a wide variety of application types. After many years of hard work, we’re fortunate to have a roster of supportive reference customers and an interesting company history.

City of Richmond: a client of Eproval

The story began in 2015

Eproval’s story began in 2015 when the City of Richmond commissioned the development of an automated workflow to process special event permits and grant applications. The City required the solution to be intuitive, flexible and easy for applicants and reviewers. A year of close collaboration with multiple stakeholders produced a solution that greatly enhanced communication between departments, assisted with applicant regulatory compliance, ensured fee collection and drove greater transparency and cost management.

Noting that complex permitting and workflows was a widespread challenge, the IT Director at the City of Richmond suggested there may be an opportunity to help cities everywhere. He was particularly encouraged by the savings in time and money that had cut the administrative hours spent on special event permitting in half.

With that initial encouragement, Eproval was born and began focusing on ways to support special event offices and their specific permitting needs. With V3.0 the platform evolved to a 100% Microsoft Azure-hosted solution to take advantage of microservice resources, on-demand scaling, security, compliance, and development operations. Now in its fourth iteration, with more than 15,000 hours of product development time, the product is a robust, mature and stable platform. It boasts a rich feature set, supports data privacy regulations and has been configured to specific data centers in different countries.

Staying true to its roots, the product has been developed in response to customer needs and has been built on a next generation technology platform. This provides a secure, scalable and modern customer experience that allows Eproval to grow alongside its customers.

Naspo ValuePoint Eproval is available through Naspo ValuePoint

Eproval continues to grow

In addition to the product, Eproval as a company has continued to grow, adding subject matter experts and expanding procurement channels. Eproval is now available in all 50 states and both territories through a cooperative contracting agreement with NASPO ValuePoint. In 2021 Eproval was named one of the top cloud-computing companies in British Columbia. We are proud to partner with our client cities and celebrate their recognition as Digital Cities Survey Winners. We are very excited about the journey ahead.


Version 1
Event took kit
Tourism Whistler
Vancouver Winter Olympics
EVENT TOOL KIT, Initially developed for Tourism Whistler in advance of the
2010 Winter Olympics
City of Richmond
Collaborative Project
Developed as a collaborative project with the City of Richmond
Version 2
Event application & approval system
The Creation Of Eproval
Spun off as an independent system “eProval”, focusing on event permitting and other approval processes for local government
Version 3
Converted to Azure Cloud
Version 4
Multiple permit types
Licensing module
1st payment provider integration
New Ventures BC
Top 25 Cloud-based
Solutions Award
“Eproval” won the top 25 cloud-based solutions award from New Venture BC. The software is recognized as a leading online special event application and approval system designed for local government. The platform makes it easier for event producers to submit applications and more cost effective for governments to review, approve, and issue permits.
Reviewer report
Customizable reports
Post submission workflow
NASPO ValuePoint Supplier Partne Affilate
Available In 50 States
“Eproval” signed a cooperative contracting agreement with NASPO ValuePoint. The platform is now available in all 50 states and both territories.
10th payment provider integration

Trusted by cities across North America