Case Study: City of Kelowna

The Event Services Team in Kelowna have always prided ourselves as being a ‘one-stop-shop’. Whether it’s providing expertise, funding or onsite support we are always exploring better ways to help organizers make their events a success.

When a few years ago organizers stated the application process was too onerous, combined with the amount of time our own team was spending away from other duties, a better solution was needed. In came Eproval. Eproval’s digital solution, specifically designed for the event approval process, which consists of multiple stakeholders, required communications and coordination of numerous permits, has revolutionized the way we are able to serve the public.

City of Kelowna client of Eproval

City of Kelowna


My vision for the city is one where creativity and innovation thrive, financial accountability is a given and cooperative problem solving is the prevailing culture. I see a corporation that is diverse and inviting to all and also one that attracts top events and tourism into our community. Eproval helps us operationalize this better than ever.

Doug Gilchrist
Chief Administration Officer

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Eproval has helped streamline the application process so our team is now able to focus on evolving our event strategy. Something we were not able to effectively do before as a result of all the time and effort we were spending on administration duties. Furthermore, results from our post-event survey (also included in the Eproval process) have demonstrated overall support from event organizers and stakeholders for this more efficient solution.

From the very beginning, the Eproval team have been nothing short of extraordinary. Their personalized and supportive approach is first-class and their expertise and innovation are second to none. Within the first three years of our partnership we are already seeing this innovation at work as a result of their ongoing commitment to provide better solutions.

We look forward to the future with Eproval and to further explore synergies with our current systems.

Chris Babcock
Event Development Supervisor | City of Kelowna

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