Eproval’s Modules

Eproval’s cloud-based platform is designed to accommodate your growing needs.

Modules overview

Start with one of our three product tiers and add modules as necessary. Popular options include a calendar, scheduled notifications, two-phase application, applicant survey, permit generator or the highly sought-after eCommerce tool with features for invoicing, payments, and reporting. Whatever your needs, Eproval has you covered with modules to expand your functionality.

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Calendar Module

Dynamically populate event details into an electronic calendar. Display permitted events for public-facing websites or show pending applications for internal planning. Sort by date, event type or application status.

Scheduled Notification Module

Advanced functionality that comes with unlimited email notifications, an easy-to-use configuration tool, and smart business logic that allows users to customize and schedule messages to reinforce business needs..

Eproval's Scheduled Email Notification Module
Eproval 2-Phase Applications Module (Reservation of Space)

2-Phase Application Module

(Reservation of Space)

Streamlines the process for reserving public spaces. In Phase one applicant expresses interest in holding the space, in Phase two reviewers examine the completed application and make a permit decision.

Survey Module

A robust tool for collecting information from event organizers, city staff or public agencies. Whether you’re gathering feedback, performing a safety audit, or assessing economic impact, use the Survey Module to conduct internal or external surveys.

Eproval Survey Module
Eproval's Permit Generator Module takes data from an approved permit application and populates a standard template to create a professional permit in a PDF format

Permit Generator Module

Pull data from approved permits to populate a standard template and create a professional permit in PDF format. Add fields for special conditions or statements. Your choice to send digitally or print if necessary.

Ecommerce Module

(including invoicing, payments and reporting)

Eproval’s Ecommerce Module allows cities to accept online payments, create invoices and prepare financial reports.

Eproval’s Ecommerce Module allows cities to accept online payments, create invoices and prepare financial reports.
Weekly updates for community stakeholders are a snap with the Custom Report

Custom Reports

Save time and effort preparing standard weekly briefing reports for mayor, council, elected officials or management stakeholders. This add-on module lets you simplify and streamline information tailored specifically to your audience.