Eproval’s software as a service (SaaS) model

Flexibility & scalability to accommodate the changing needs of local governments and agencies

Eproval’s products are built on a rock-solid permitting platform that allows flexibility to scale services to accommodate the changing permitting needs of local government. Whether Cities require support for unlimited users, new application types, additional functionality, enhanced reporting or dynamic forms that expand or narrow an application’s required fields, Eproval’s software-as-a-service model offers benefits unmatched by on-premise software.

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We understand your complex processes

The steps to process a permit are often not linear. Most often, multiple applicants submit forms that require numerous steps that need to be reviewed and approved by as many as 10 – 20 stakeholders. For maximum efficiency, it’s ideal if multiple reviewers and approvers are tackling different parts of the application at the same time.

The challenge of paper-based systems

In paper-based systems, it is difficult to have concurrent approvals if one approval depends upon another. For example, it may be helpful for the fire department to know that Traffic has approved a lane closure before giving their consent on a special event permit.

Predictability for total cost of ownership, upgrades and scheduled maintenance

Public sector customers are demanding commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications that are more predictable in terms of their total cost of ownership (TCO), implementation time, scheduled upgrades and ongoing maintenance. Eproval’s cloud-based solution helps lower maintenance costs, ensure scheduled maintenance and offers budgeting predictability.

Why SaaS is superior to on-premises software

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Centralized Reporting

With Eproval’s hosted solution there’s no need to sift through paper files or emails searching for permitting records. Centralized reporting creates an archive that is available from anywhere, at any time. A detailed activity log tracks all correspondence and historical data is stored and can be used to prepopulate fields for recurring applications.

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Security and Uptime

Eproval’s hosted solution takes advantage of secure data centers, redundant fail-over and Microsoft Azure’s security protocols to deliver a secure service with maximum uptime. The combination of internal security measures and the advanced built-in security services in Azure ensure Eproval’s customers are receiving the highest degrees of protection possible.

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Improves Data Accuracy

Eproval’s dynamic fields, tips and instructions help reduce input errors and improve application data. With Eproval, there are no more incomplete paper forms. In fact, a survey of Eproval clients showed that by using Eproval they reduced data errors by 80%. Complete and accurate forms save precious time during review and approval.

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Cloud-based computing offers significant benefits in terms of 24/7 access from anywhere, at any time. City staff, event organizers or film producers can check the status of their permits, apply for new permits or get their permit details conveniently from their laptop or mobile phone on the road or at the event itself.

Driving real-time collaboration

Eproval’s SaaS model drives collaboration by providing multiple stakeholders with visibility into the approval process. Real-time collaboration is facilitated by Eproval’s rich interface that allows for alerts, messages and real-time updates without the need to open other applications. This streamlined approach reduces the need for meetings and allows multiple approvals to happen at the same time. This makes the process faster, more efficient and helps stakeholders stay informed.

See Eproval in action

There are many good reasons why a SaaS permitting platform outperforms on-premise software. But don’t just take our word for it, check it out yourself. Sometimes seeing a product in action can help explain how software as a service (SaaS) can save time, money, effort and drive greater transparency and efficiency. At Eproval, we’re so confident in the simple sophistication of our product that we want to show it off to the world.

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Local governments and municipalities continue to face pressures to offer digital services, increase transparency and lower operating costs. Eproval’s online permitting platform makes it easier for applicants to submit and more cost-efficient for local governments to process, approve and issue permits.

 Johnathan Thompson, Managing Director, Eproval

Purpose-built in response to local government needs

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Rock-solid platform

All of Eproval’s product tiers are built on the same rock-solid permitting platform that can scale and add functionality as the permitting needs of local governments change.

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Predictable total cost of ownership

Eproval’s hosted solution helps lower upgrade costs, ensure scheduled maintenance and offers budgeting predictability.

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24/7 access

Eproval’s software as a service (SaaS) offers 24/7 access from anywhere, at any time from a laptop or mobile phone.

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City of Columbus


As a technology-forward city, we are committed to making it easier to apply for permits and track where those applications are in the approval process,” said Mayor Ginther. “This latest implementation will save applicants time, reduce input errors and improve transparency and communication for reviewers and approvers.

Andrew J. Ginther
The City of Columbus