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Thanks for visiting Eproval. We look forward to helping you automate your workflows for special event permits & similar processes.


Just a word or two about what we do at Eproval

We do a lot of things here at Eproval. The common theme that runs through everything we do is making life easier for our clients. We are experts at moving processes online and automating workflows. Most of the time that means automating the process for special event permitting, but once our clients see just how easy it is to setup and configure our platform, they are delighted to use our software for grant applications, film permits, dog licenses and just about anything else that requires multiple applicants, reviewers and approvers. We take complex processes and make them simpler and more efficient for local governments who then make it easier and simpler for applicants. We are designed for local government, we understand the unique needs of City Hall and our platform is designed to scale and extend as needs change. We’re here to help.

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Designed for local government

Eproval is not an issuer of permits, but rather a software platform designed for local governments who issue permits or process workflows for special events, filming, grant applications, dog licenses, block parties, fire and burn permits and other civic needs. Eproval allows local governments or other permit issuers to make it easier to submit, review and approve applications, ultimately lowering the cost of each permit approval.

Offers clear benefits

Eproval offers clear benefits. The Eproval platform offers savings in time and money to local governments by making the processing of permits faster, more efficient and with fewer input errors. The permitting process is more transparent for applicants, reviewers and approvers – allowing each party to better understand where their permits are in the approval process and what steps are necessary to complete and issue a permit.

Scales and extends as required

The Eproval platform offers forms that dynamically extend depending upon an applicant’s response and scales to meet the needs of unlimited applicants, users or approvers. Products can be seamlessly enhanced by turning on modules or additional functionality. Eproval acts as a central archive with the ability to review and audit records and duplicate similar processes. Eproval is easy to setup and configure which helps to reduce implementation time.

Reach out at the contact form below to arrange your free consultation today. Don’t be shy, we are always happy to talk about your unique challenges. We look forward to chatting.