Eproval is different

Eproval is unlike most permitting vendors offering unlimited licenses, real-time information, centralized communication, unparalleled control and reliability.

Eproval is customer driven and continues to expand based on new customer requirements

Eproval’s powerful platform is designed specifically for complex and iterative permitting processes.

Unlimited licenses

The platform offers unlimited concurrent licenses for applicants, reviewers and approvers which is essential for rich collaboration with internal and external departments and agencies. In fact, the platform allows users to create unlimited applications can be managed from 1 screen.

Real-time information

The platform features real-time information from applicants, reviewers and approvers and allows reviewers and approvers to communicate directly with each other within the platform itself. By viewing the dashboards within Eproval, clients get an immediate snapshot of where the bottlenecks are in the permitting process. Email logs, communication logs, activity logs allow users to see at any given point what has happened and what is going on for each application which allows them to visually see the bottlenecks. The tool is effective in showing how far along an application is in the review process for every part of the application for every application. For example, the user can see that the application is stalled at part of 57 and 58.

Developed in response to user needs

Eproval has a responsive development team that listens to the specific needs of special event & filming offices introducing new features based on client feedback. Unlike other large eGov solutions the client voice is not lost in other larger priorities.


Eproval is not an adaptation of a land use, registration, or simplistic data entry system. Working with special event permitting stakeholders across North America, Eproval has developed a platform specifically to meet the needs of public agency special event and other complex permitting.

Eproval is a mobile-friendly, cloud-based, hosted solution using AES equivalent secure data transport protocols that includes a point of sale gateway for online payments. Here are more ways that Eproval provides value to you.


  • Generate dynamic workflows unique to each application
  • Enable iterative review processes
  • Support mandatory and additional reviewers
  • Unlimited number of internal and external agency users
  • Capture all internal and external communication across roles
  • Track activity logs, emails and multiple comment threads
  • Allow special event offices and business units to customize or modify applications
  • Create permitting transparency and efficiency
  • Interface with existing software such as single log-in and financial systems
  • Support other event-related permit applications
  • Requires minimal Information Technology (IT) resources during Implementation
  • Does not require IT resources to support daily system operation
  • Provides seamless platform releases driven by industry requirements

Just ask us!

Eproval can be customized to manage all types of applications, permits, licenses and approvals. Our robust platform is incredibly flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes. If you have something in mind, don’t be shy, just ask us.