Eproval is different

Welcome to Eproval, the leader in special event permitting, grant application processing and complex licensing. Unlike large enterprise systems, we offer a tailored approach to meet your unique needs. Here’s how we’re different.

Onboarding made easy

Some permitting solutions require significant installation and configuration steps. That is not the case with Eproval. Eproval’s out-of-the box configuration has been proven to meet the business needs of Special Event Offices. Further, Eproval’s onboarding module draws on the best practices benchmarked against cities across North America.

Predictable ownership costs with no hidden fees

Eproval is the perfect IT solution for public agencies. Unlike other permitting and licensing platforms, Eproval doesn’t charge expensive implementation or maintenance fees. With our annual flat fee subscription model, you get unlimited users, reasonable configuration costs, free modifications to live applications and free training. There are no hidden or unexpected fees. What you see is what you get.

Driving true collaboration

Eproval’s goal is to empower collaboration. When everyone is better informed and working together, better decisions are made. While other solutions charge by the seat, Eproval offers unlimited users at no extra charge. Reviewers can be mapped to specific questions, allowing for approvals or information sharing. City staff can easily collaborate with applicants and other public agencies, such as public health, zoning, transit, public works, or law enforcement.

Better communication & transparency

Special event permitting is crucial for public safety. Eproval simplifies the process by providing clear communication between applicants, reviewers, and approvers. Public agencies must inform applicants of their responsibilities prior to issuing a permit. Eproval’s user-friendly dashboard provides transparent communication and easy access to all necessary information. No more searching through long email threads, all communication is aggregated in one easy-to-read location.

Real-time updates at any time, from anywhere

Eproval’s cloud-based platform offers anytime, anywhere access for applicants, reviewers, and approvers. Applicants can quickly track their permit’s progress, while reviewers and approvers can monitor the status of each section of an application. Color-coded dots provide quick visual cues indicating “approved”, “pending”, or not yet reviewed. When changes are made during the review process, all reviewers are notified, allowing for prompt status updates.

Eproval works like an extension of your IT team

Eproval is designed to be easy to use and maintain. Customizable workflows are easily updated by administrators, allowing IT departments to focus on other important tasks. During the onboarding process, Eproval works with your IT team to establish a domain name and TLS certificate that integrates with your website, follows your city’s branding guidelines, sets up a transaction email gateway, and addresses password security or single sign-on requirements. Once Eproval is live, we handle all user inquiries, requests, modifications, and platform upgrades.

Eproval users can be setup as administrators

Eproval’s easy-to-use, customizable workflows allow designated users to act as administrators and make real-time changes. Public agencies can then manage most changes without placing demands on the IT department. Eproval’s Knowledge Based Learning and Help Desk provide quick support, and our Customer Success Team is always available for further assistance.

Why Eproval is the market leader

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In short, Eproval stands apart from traditional permitting tools, reservation, and registration systems because of these 8 key differentiators.


  1. Eproval is quickly deployed using a prototype & benchmarked against the best cities
  2. Eproval offers predictable ownership costs with no hidden fees
  3. Workflows can be customized by users who are setup as administrators, freeing up IT
  4. Eproval drives true collaboration by offering unlimited users, mapping fields to reviewers
  5. Eproval offers enhanced communication and transparency by providing real-time updates and alerts to applicants, reviewers, and approvers
  6. Eproval’s intuitive user-interface allows applicants, reviewers and approvers to easily track the status of an application at any time, from anywhere
  7. Eproval’s Customer Success team acts as an extension of your IT team
  8. Eproval is purpose-built for Special Event Permitting or any complex permitting requiring applicants, reviewers and approvers

These attributes are also why Eproval is the market leader and why most cities sole-source Eproval.

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Just ask us!

Eproval can be customized to manage all types of applications, permits, licenses and approvals. Our robust platform is incredibly flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes. If you have something in mind, don’t be shy, just ask us.