Eproval expands footprint, adds application for asphalt art permitting

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Special event permitting vendor now supports asphalt art, grant applications, film permits and dozens of other application types

Vancouver, BC – Eproval, the undisputed leader in Special Event Permitting, has once again expanded its footprint to include asphalt art permitting. The addition of asphalt art brings Eproval’s supported applications to more than 30 different types.

“Eproval continues to innovate to meet the changing needs of our customers,” said Jonathan Thompson, Eproval’s Managing Director, “Our platform is incredibly versatile and can be used for almost any process requiring applicants and reviewers. In response to customer demand, we are now delighted to add asphalt art permitting to our list of supported application types.”

Eproval’s Asphalt Art application eases the burden on public agency staff by automating the approval process between applicants and stakeholders. Stakeholders often include city staff, traffic, engineering, public works, arts & culture, among others. These same stakeholders must be kept informed during the ongoing maintenance phase and Eproval proactively automates the coordination and communication of updates through real-time alerts and reminders.

Eproval expands footprint, adds support for asphalt art permitting


Asphalt art refers to art installations such as paintings or murals that are applied directly onto streets or pavement in public areas. Installations can be functional such as coloured crosswalks or decorative such as murals in skateboard parks, waterparks or roadways. Typically, art projects are led by community members and beautify public areas and add further benefits in terms of traffic calming, safer streets, community engagement and citizen participation.

As part of the process to install asphalt art, applicants are required to includes a plan for managing traffic during installation and submit an annual maintenance report. In addition to processing the initial application, Eproval also supports the annual reporting for art maintenance.

“When cities purchase Eproval they aren’t just getting an application for special events, they’re getting a versatile platform that supports a variety of different processes,” said Jonathan Thompson, “We offer tremendous value by amortizing across multiple functional areas such as processing applications, collecting data and reporting on a range of functions. That breadth of service is important to cities.”

In addition to Asphalt Art permitting, each year approved applicants are required to provide a status update and submit photos to determine whether the asphalt art needs maintenance. Approved applicants must describe the physical condition, note any flaking, peeling, or other quality issues. They must also describe how the art was impacted by weather, including snow removal. Annual photos document the entire surface of the asphalt in addition to photos that show close-up examples of the overall quality across various locations.

The permitting process helps city staff approve suitable locations, assess requirements for artist fees, paint and materials as well as build local support, hold unveiling ceremonies and plan for ongoing maintenance. Eproval coordinates between stakeholders to keep the process simple for applicants and public agency staff.

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Jonathan Thompson, Managing Director
jonathan @ eproval.com

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