Ecommerce Module

(including invoicing, payments and reporting)

Eproval’s Ecommerce Module allows cities to accept online payments, create invoices and prepare financial reports. Designed to communicate with your agency’s financial system, the Ecommerce Module is a passthrough system that does not store credit card information or cardholder details. Eproval has completed successful integrations with more than a dozen different financial institutions and will work with your provider to ensure a smooth and secure integration.

Eproval’s Ecommerce Module allows cities to accept online payments, create invoices and prepare financial reports.

Accept online payments

Simplify the process for generating invoices for permit fees and accepting online payments. With flexibility to conduct a transaction at any stage in the permitting cycle, cities can issue an invoice for the initial application fee and then follow-up with any additional charges such as park use, pyrotechnic, vendor, health, or alcohol use permits. Eproval’s Ecommerce Module simplifies an otherwise complicated process and consolidates all transaction records in one central location. Final invoices and aggregate reports can be generated once all permitting fees have been assessed.

Prepare cost estimates and invoices

A reviewer such as a law enforcement officer may need to assess fees for onsite staff or equipment. Cost estimates for fees charged to applicants can be created using the draft invoice function. Reviewers can capture line item descriptions such as hours, rates and totals for each service required. As part of the approval process a police officer can issue a draft invoice to an applicant outlining estimated costs for traffic control or additional safety personnel. The applicant acknowledges it is an estimate and receives a final invoice when all costs are known.

Generate detailed or aggregate financial reports

Use Eproval’s Ecommerce Module to generate financial reports or communicate directly with your public agency’s financial system. Invoices can be paid to a specific GL or reports can be pulled on the basis of event type, date, department or other desired criteria. Since special event permits span multiple departments, budget managers often find it difficult to calculate agency-wide costs or separate out details for departments issuing permits under a single type. With Eproval’s Ecommerce Module reporting is a snap. Chief Financial Officers or budgeting managers can quickly determine the appropriate level of detail and assign costs to specific line items or calculate the aggregate cost.

Simplify the applicant’s user-experience

Eproval’s Ecommerce Module also provides helpful tools to simplify the applicant’s permitting experience. All public agency invoices tied to a specific event are consolidated into an applicant dashboard for easy viewing. Event organizers can then use the data to reconcile the invoices against their own accounting records, draft budgets or modify future event plans. The dashboard also displays all pending and approved applications.

Just ask us!

Eproval can be customized to manage all types of applications, permits licenses and approvals. Our robust platform is incredibly flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes. If you have something in mind, don’t be shy, just ask us.