​Transparency and collaboration in the permitting process

Collaboration and transparency are central to the permitting process. A cloud-based solution can drive enhanced collaboration, better visibility and ultimately better-informed decisions.

Imagine a process that provides real-time updates

Permit processes can become opaque because paper-based systems do not lend themselves to real-time updates. Applicants, reviewers and approvers lack visibility into an application’s status simply because paper-based systems cannot send regular updates. But imagine a platform that provides real-time updates and facilitates a forum for reviewers and approvers to engage in real-time collaboration. Now you understand the power of Eproval – a platform where applicants, reviewers and approvers enjoy better trust, enhanced collaboration and ultimately better-informed stakeholders.

Driven by local government needs

Citizens are demanding their local governments deliver fast, efficient, smarter services. In response, Cities are pursuing digital government (eGov), Smart City initiatives, and net-zero targets. Among the stated goals are reducing waste, driving efficiencies and adding greater transparency to the process.

Eproval ensures a transparent process and prevents gaps in communication

Naspo ValuePoint Eproval is available through Naspo ValuePoint

Enhanced visibility into permit status

Better transparency, offering visibility into where an application is in the review and approval chain

Real-time updates for applications and approvers

A rich forum for enhanced collaboration between city staff and external agencies such as police, fire, traffic, sanitation, etc.

Better informed stakeholders


Eproval prevents incomplete applications

According to an Eproval customer survey, prior to implementing the platform, 65% of applications had gaps in communication.

Eproval facilitates collaboration between City staff and external agencies with real-time alerts, notes and memos on approved and pending permit applications.

What do we mean by transparency?

Transparency in government is tied to the positive attributes of accountability and integrity. When citizens see how a process works, receive regular updates and feel well-informed they tend to believe Cities are working hard to serve their needs and this builds greater trust in City Hall. However, when residents feel ignored and fail to understand processes, they grow distrustful and skeptical. Transparency is all about offering better visibility into what is happening and why.

Enhances collaboration between city staff & external agencies

Informed approvals require city administrators to work closely with their colleagues across multiple departments and external agencies. Real-time visibility into application status and richer communication between collaborators leads to better decisions. When applicants and reviewers are engaged in the permitting process they make superior decisions, act quickly and are ultimately better-informed.

Case Study

Read how the City of Norwalk is driving greater transparency and collaboration with Eproval’s platform.
City of Norwalk: a client of Eproval

City of Norwalk

POPULATION 91,184 (2020)

We looked at all of our available software packages and determined that Eproval best met our needs,” said Liu.” Eproval supports an equitable, fair and transparent process without being onerous on applicants. Eproval’s process was a proven concept for us so we knew there was flexibility in the platform, we just didn’t know if it could be done in two weeks.

Joyce Liu
Director of Information Technology