Grant Approvals

From simple grant applications to multi-value and multi-year grants, eproval has been designed to specifically address the needs of grant administrators.

Value-add features include:

Applicant & Approver Dashboards

customized application forms


Access 24/7 from any device



A Perfect Fit
  • Multiple grant types can be divided into separate streams based on the requested grant amount.
  • A comprehensive, built-in review and approval process.
  • Ability to set up different grant application dates based on each grant type.
  • The system supports multi-year application support, for grants spanning up to three years. 
The system recognizes applicants with approved applications from the previous year when an application is duplicated. Based on this feature, the system will duplicate and assign the correct grant type. For example, Year 2 with its corresponding questions will be assigned based on a Year 1 approval.
Centralized Management
  • Ability for the administrator to provide recommendations. After reviewers have provided their individual comments, eproval allows the administrator to provide a summary and a recommended amount for Council.
  • Several types of users can access the system, including applicants, reviewers, administrators, and IT support.
  • The dashboard includes a summary of annually approved grant amounts broken down by grant
  • Administrator recommendations are hidden from the applicant.
  • Certain statuses will not be shown to applicants. ‘Under Review’ and ‘Ready for Council’ statuses
are shown as ‘Submitted’ for applicants so they will not know the reviewing process is taking place. This reduces ongoing requests from the applicants about the status of their application.
  • Drafts can be deleted from the system by the administrator.
  • Reviewer and administrator comments are hidden from the applicant.


  • A built-in reporting tool allows the user to search by year or grant type. All data is 
downloadable by administrators.
  • Our validation system requires applicants with previously approved grants to submit a grant
use report before new application can be submitted.
Best-In-Class Customer Service
  • A one-button duplication system can create a new application from an old application in the 
system in one click. This will save applicants a great deal of time when they have a previously approved or declined grant application in the system.
  • The grant reviewer is based on the grant type. This allows reviewers to view only the types of grants that apply to them.
  • Grant applications include sophisticated financial input forms.