Savings in Time & Money

Eproval’s e-permitting solution can save time for applicants, approvers and city administrators. Special event offices are crunched for time and budget, but errors made re-entering data, circulating paper copies and scanning originals just add to the problem.

Eproval drives efficiencies in local government permitting

Eproval drives costs out of the special event permitting cycle by automating manual, and often outdated, paper processes. This saves money on printing costs, eliminates unnecessary administrative time for processing and approval, streamlines fee collection and reduces waste, ultimately supporting clean city initiatives. Eproval’s cloud-based platform saves time, money and facilitates greater stakeholder engagement.

Smart forms

Eproval saves applicants time by guiding them through the application process (smart forms), duplicating similar applications and reducing errors for inaccurate data. Similarly, administrators benefit from workflows that ease the burden of the review process, driving stakeholder engagement and ultimately reducing the number of meetings.

Eproval saves you even more time and money!

Naspo ValuePoint Eproval is available through Naspo ValuePoint

Purchase through Eproval’s Cooperative Contracting Agreement

With 70% of clients sole-sourcing their special event permitting needs, Eproval has made it even easier to purchase. Now with a cooperative contracting agreement with NASPO ValuePoint, there is no need to go to an RFP process, saving you even more time and money!


Accommodate any process requiring multiple applicants & approvers

Once cities see just how easy it is to use Eproval they are delighted to save even more money by extending the platform to support other processes. In fact, most customers use Eproval for five or more types of applications further driving down their per unit cost even further.


Investments in Eproval, a cloud-based special events permitting platform, drives savings in hard and soft costs in the permitting lifecycle. A $45,000 per year investment over three years could return as much as $1.4 million in savings and efficiencies as well as driving enhanced transparency, stakeholder engagement, compliance and audit.

Case Study

Find out how the City of Fort collins is saving time and money with Eproval’s permitting platform.

City of Fort Colllins: a client of Eproval

City of Fort Collins

POPULATION 174,871 (2020)

Internally and externally, Eproval gives added legitimacy to our special event permit program, especially because it is an easy and intuitive process which isn’t always the case in government. We have become the model for other areas of the City, and other cities.

Jan Sawyer
Special Event Coordinator