City of Virginia Beach latest local government to launch Eproval

With this launch, Virginia Beach continues to solidify its position as a first-class destination for festivals and outdoor events

City of Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, Va – The City of Virginia Beach has significantly advanced its event permitting process with the launch of Eproval. Designed to simplify and streamline the process for obtaining event permits, Eproval facilitates a seamless coordination process across various city departments and agencies.

A new chapter for event planning in Virginia Beach

By embracing innovation, the City of Virginia Beach not only enhances its event hosting capabilities but also reaffirms its commitment to providing memorable experiences for event organizers and attendees alike. The platform streamlines the planning process, offering a transparent process to both residents and event organizers eager to showcase their events in Virginia Beach. Eproval introduces several key features to enhance the efficiency of the permitting process:

  • Streamlined Review Process: The automated review and approval system ensures each application is processed efficiently and accurately.
  • Real-time Updates: Event organizers are kept in the loop with immediate updates on their application status, streamlining the resolution of any issues.
  • Cross-Departmental Coordination: Reviewers from multiple department and outside agencies are able to review the application as a team.
  • Efficiency for Recurring Events: The ability to duplicate previous applications reduces redundant work for annual event organizers.
  • Two-Phase Application Process: Allows organizers to submit their intent to apply well in advance. Information is seamlessly transferred to the full application that can be completed at a later time closer to the event.

For Virginia Beach, Eproval will support permitting of outdoor events on public and private property including festivals and outdoor events, parades, runs and walks, and social events requiring an outdoor events permit by City Code. City officials at the City of Virginia Beach are looking forward to a streamlined permitting process, for both applicants and event organizers.

City of Virginia Beach

City of Virginia Beach

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The launch of Eproval is a significant step forward in our mission to simplify the permitting process and guarantee a season filled with successful events. It’s the hard work and dedication of our event organizers and on-site team, who turn these plans into reality that create unforgettable moments for everyone involved.
Nancy Helman, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Director
Jonathan Thompson, Managing Director of Eproval, is excited to see the transformation of Virginia Beach’s special event permitting. “Eproval is revolutionizing how Virginia Beach handles event permits for the city’s vibrant event scene. It signifies a substantial improvement in the city’s ability to facilitate and manage event permits, ensuring a more efficient process for everyone involved.”

See Eproval in action

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