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Huntsville latest customer to adopt Eproval’s 2-Phase application

November 08, 2022

The Star of Alabama uses platform to automate special event permitting, reserve public spaces and simplify process for applicants and reviewers

Huntsville, AL – Eproval continues to dominate the special event permitting market with an announcement today that Huntsville, Alabama is the latest city to migrate to their cloud-based service and adopt their 2-Phase application.

City of Huntsville: a client of Eproval

City of Huntsville

POPULATION 199,845 (2020)
“We are pleased to announce a new user-friendly platform to process permit applications for special events in the City of Huntsville. We now offer a two-part process for reserving public space ahead of submitting a permit application. This should simplify the process for both applicants and reviewers and add clarity to community event calendars.
Tommy Battle
City of Huntsville, AL

​By sending real-time alerts and reminders the automated platform will coordinate approvals between city staff and public agencies such as police, fire, parking, traffic and other public services impacted by events. The new platform is designed to accommodate events of any size or complexity and better track and report on events in the community.

“We are delighted to be adding Huntsville as our latest customer,” said Jonathan Thompson, Eproval’s Managing Director, “Our 2-Phase application is an ideal fit for Parks and Recreation, we bring subject matter expertise to handling complex events and we offer the flexibility of modules like calendar, email notifications, invoicing and payments.”

Residents of Huntsville will be able to access the online platform from anywhere at any time and benefit from a simpler and more transparent process. Applicants will be able to submit and update information, track the status of their applications and communicate with City departments regarding the details of their application. To get started, applicants will be required to create an account.

Obtaining a special event permit for events at a City park is a two-part process. In the first part, applicants give a general overview of the event which allows City officials to review and tentatively reserve the available requested location and authorize the applicant to continue to the special event application. All reservations remain tentative until a permit has been issued.

In the second part, applicants receive confirmation that the park they requested has been reserved and then are prompted to complete a Special Event Permit Application, which provides the City of Huntsville with more in-depth details of the event. The two-part process allows City officials and applicants to better plan by tentatively holding available space. For more information on the process please visit Huntsville’s FAQ page.

The online application assists event organizers in the development of event plans that comply with all codes, laws, policies and regulations governing activities associated with the production and management of special events.

The City of Huntsville has confirmed that at this time there will be no application fees charged for permits. Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event and six weeks prior to events serving alcohol.

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Eproval is a software as a services platform designed specifically for special event permitting. Local governments use Eproval to move processes online, automate workflows and streamline collaboration. By taking complex permitting workflows and making them simpler, more transparent, scalable and efficient, Eproval saves time and money for applicants and reviewers.

Jonathan Thompson, Managing Director
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