Without automation, special event permitting can quickly become complicated

Online permitting platform, Eproval, simplifies otherwise complex processes making it easier for applicants, reviewers and approvers

Hosting a festival is like building and dismantling a city in a matter of days. But even temporary cities require food, shelter, public safety, traffic control, medical resources and sanitation. Local governments must provide oversight for festivals, but with events, everything is packed into a single permit application. The more risks, the more oversight needed.




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The permitting challenge
To issue a single permit, 10-20 government officials across multiple departments and agencies must review and approve different sections of an application. Reviewers are expected to stay informed, coordinate with their colleagues and ensure codes are being followed and requirements are being met. It takes many functional areas coming together before a single permit can be issued. Cities hold hundreds of special events a year and without automation, items get missed, the process stalls, constant follow-ups are needed, and departments are asked to make decisions without adequate information.



The stakes are high so the platform needs to accommodate complexity
Permitting platforms must be capable of effortlessly accommodating multiple stakeholders with a variety of regulatory considerations and risk factors. In the absence of powerful automation, complaints can arise when the process appears too long or complicated. Applicants and reviewers can become frustrated, but with public safety at stake there’s no room for error. Ideally, an automated platform will protect all necessary steps while the user-experience is made simpler for both applicants and reviewers.

Eproval’s platform coordinates information-sharing and collaboration
To address the permitting challenge, Eproval’s automated workflow coordinates approvals between the special events office, parks and recreation, police, fire, city staff and public agencies. Real-time updates drive timely follow-through and stakeholders can easily approve applications on their smartphone or tablet. This ease of use, paired with timely updates, leads to enhanced information-sharing and better-informed stakeholders.

Eproval offers flexibility to add modules as needed
It’s not just about special event applications. Eproval’s sophisticated workflow accommodates any process requiring multiple applicants and approvers. Smart forms dynamically extend to ensure accurate information is being entered and optional modules can be added for payment processing, customized reporting, real-time calendars among others.

Visibility into the permitting process
Visibility is what drives informed stakeholders. Paper-based systems or homemade workarounds simply do not offer the tools needed for rich collaboration or timely updates. Eproval’s cloud-based platform is available from any device at any time, from any location – even the event itself. Applicants and event organizers can check the status of their permits online in real-time, and the entire process can be conducted remotely.

An all-in-one solution
Eproval brings together the special event permitting process into one easy to use, intuitive, cloud-based solution. Working with stakeholders across North America, Eproval has developed an affordable platform specifically to meet the needs of public agencies engaged in complex permitting. Eproval is a secure, mobile-friendly solution that adds functionality as permitting needs change.

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Wondering if your special event permitting platform ticks all the boxes? Checkout our simplified checklist. Anything short of eight ticks makes permitting unnecessarily complicated.  Your Permitting Platform should:

  • Saves time for applicants, reviewers, and approvers?
  • Ensures data accuracy and improves visibility into the permitting process?
  • Facilitates engagement and follow-through for applicants, reviewers and approvers?
  • Has the capability to make quick changes and scale-up as permitting needs change?
  • Ensures applicants are made aware of their responsibilities?
    Features a central archive for public records request and auditing purposes?
  • Makes it easy to implement and offer professional guidance?
  • Developed in response to the needs of special event offices?

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