Eproval announces powerful two-step application allowing applicants to book space now and apply for a permit later

Leader in special event permitting introduces feature that will allow flexibility for applicants to confirm availability of space prior to submitting a permit application

VANCOUVER – Eproval, the undisputed leader in special event permitting, has announced today a powerful new platform enhancement that will make it easier for applicants, reviewers and approvers to reserve space prior to submitting and processing an event application.

Eproval announces powerful two-step application allowing applicants to book space now & apply for a permit later

The new feature, known simply as “two-phase application,” allows the special event permitting process to be divided into two distinct steps. In the first step, basic event information is collected for the purpose of reserving public space. Once the reservation has been confirmed, whether that be a park, plaza or city venue, all data from the initial application can then be automatically copied over to the full event application. Dividing the process in two saves applicants the time and effort of re-entering data. It also allows cities to better plan long-term bookings that are often scheduled a year or more in advance. Knowing what events are coming up, and when, allows cities to efficiently manage their inventory of public spaces.

Eproval was conceived and built in response to market demand so, it’s not surprising that we stay close to our customers and continue to innovate according to their changing needs“, said Jonathan Thompson, Eproval’s Managing Director. “This powerful new feature will save time for applicants, reviewers and approvers. No more re-entering data, no more re-opening files or wasting time with unnecessary duplication of effort.

The two-step application has already been adopted by several cities who were eager to purchase the new feature which was made available to existing clients on a pre-release basis. It is now available to all customers purchasing Eproval.

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City of Columbus


This new feature enables City staff and event organizers to effectively and efficiently coordinate the multiple aspects of the special event permitting process. It has simplified the complexity of communicating vital information at the appropriate time,

Bernita Reese,
Director, Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.

Once an applicant’s request to book public space has been confirmed, the administrator can simply tick a checkbox within Eproval that will copy information into the permit application. The applicant then receives an email notifying them to fill out the remaining details needed to process the permit. There is no need to re-input answers or file separate applications.

In addition to making special events permitting faster, easier and more transparent, Eproval has made public procurement just as easy. Through a cooperative contracting agreement with NASPO ValuePoint, Eproval can now be purchased in all 50 states without the need for an RFP. For more information on Eproval’s cooperative contracting agreement please click here.

Public agencies that would like to learn more about Eproval’s two-step feature can schedule a demo by simply filling out the web form.

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Jonathan Thompson
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