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Special event permitting, helps address event complexity

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Automated special event permitting helps ensure codes are not missed and allows administrators to check permit status and review past approvals on-the-fly

Large scale events drive economic activity and have the potential to positively enhance a city’s profile but those gains can quickly be erased if public safety is ignored. Badly managed events cause city administrators untold headaches that can quickly become liability issues if codes or safety precautions are not followed.

Eproval is always-on, helps address event complexity
Did you ever wish there was a way to ensure that all event codes were carefully considered, reviewed and approved by event organizers? Would it be helpful as an administrator to be able to check permit status on-the-fly, particularly at the event itself? Now, with Eproval, a purpose-built permitting solution, records are only a few clicks away.

An event is a complex undertaking requiring many people with many responsibilities. In some respects, a large event is like building a city in one day and then dismantling it just as soon as the event has ended. Plans for food, tents, sanitation, fire, police and fire codes are just some of the considerations that must be made when planning a safe event. To drive informed decisions, reviewers and approvers must have a clear understanding of the big picture and be able to see what considerations and approvals have already been made in external departments. This is where visibility into the permitting process is crucially important. Paper-based systems or eGov workarounds do not have tools to assist with form completion, timely collaboration or adequate visibility. With such complexity, this means some items can get missed during the permitting process or external departments are asked to make decisions without adequate information.

Eproval ensures that codes and responsibilities are well explained to applicants during the permitting process. Using “smart forms,” Eproval dynamically extends to accommodate mandatory fields and ensures that event organizers have read, understood and agreed to all codes and responsibilities. Having applicants understand and agree to comply with the codes is the first step towards holding a safe event. The second step is to ensure that all reviewers and approvers have the appropriate transparency to make informed decisions.

Eproval enhances visibility for reviewers and approvers by providing details on prior considerations. For example, the fire chief cannot approve the location of a temporary structure without seeing the site plan that provides for fire lanes in and around the venue. With Eproval, all requirements are well communicated to city departments. In fact, Eproval clients report a 100% improvement in departmental communication and collaboration that helps avoid any unwanted surprises.

Eproval allows users chekcing permit status on the fly CHECKING PERMIT STATUS ON THE FLY
As a city administrator have you ever wished you had instant access to special event permits while onsite? Would the ability to check permit status, coordinate resources and provide information to applicants and onsite personnel be helpful? With Eproval’s cloud-based solution, access to permit applications is never more than a few clicks away. This allows city administrators and departments to check permit applications if event organizers do not appear to be complying with codes. Users can check current or past permits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If an incident should occur, Eproval acts as a centralized archive to save time searching for files or records. Applications, documents and files are all archived for any length of time. This is particularly helpful when records are needed later for legal disputes or audits.

To learn how Eproval can help address risks associated with event complexity, book a product demonstration.

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