Driving informed applicants & better compliance with codes and event responsibilities

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Eproval, a cloud-based e-permitting solution, assists special event organizers with structuring their event plans to help comply with requirements and obligations

As a city administrator do you dream of receiving special event permit applications that are entirely complete with assurances that event organizers are aware of their responsibilities? That capability is now available in some purpose-built e-permitting platforms.

Driving informed applicants & better compliance with codes and event responsibilities
Imagine a system that helps drive compliance with organizer responsibilities. While paper forms cannot provide feedback to the applicant, automated systems can determine which laws, codes, policies, and requirements are relevant and guide applicants through form completion. Cloud-based systems can draw attention to requirements for alcohol, road closures, zoning, public works, health, fire, police, parks, environmental standards and other city code requirements. A sophisticated system like Eproval, can ensure complete and accurate applications by making fields mandatory, dynamically extending forms and providing guidelines on how to complete difficult sections.

Organizing a special event is like building a temporary city with multiple resources that all require compliance with city codes. These requirements need to be approved as part of the permitting process. With paper-based systems, incomplete forms lead to items getting missed. A survey of Eproval clients demonstrated that prior to implementing Eproval, 85% of applications had errors or omissions. With incorrect or incomplete information, it is not surprising that codes, responsibilities or obligations get missed.

Large scale events drive economic activity but these gains can be quickly erased if public safety is ignored. Eproval’s dynamic fields and instructions reduce errors and improve the quality of application data. Without smart forms, cities are often faced with incomplete information with which to make decisions. With Eproval’s automated system, smart-forms dynamically extend to ensure the correct fields are presented, completed, and organizer responsibilities are not skipped or ignored. Eproval’s dynamic form generation enables a city to structure their permit applications to provide important information to applicants as they complete each section. Cities can design the applicant response areas to draw attention to, and encourage, compliance with laws, codes, policies or other obligations. This is several steps ahead of paper-based systems that can’t document that a section has been read for requirements. Paper-based forms are open ended responses and are frequently left blank or inadequately answered.

Accurate applications provide peace of mind to administrators who know that by the time they review the permit application, the applicant has been made aware of their obligations. This is critically important later if a permit is audited or legal claims arise as a result of an incident that happened at a special event.

While other e-permitting platforms may offer some automation, only Eproval was developed in response to the specific needs of special event offices. Other large eGov workarounds are inefficient and do not offer the same compliance and legal auditing capabilities. The Eproval team has worked closely with cities and understands the permitting process and has developed the platform in direct response to city needs. There is simply no other purpose-built solution that offers the same flexibility, ease of use and rapid implementation. That also explains why many cities are sole-sourcing Eproval as the special event permitting platform of choice.

Would you like to offer your special event organizers a permitting system that helps them drive compliance with city codes? To learn more about how Eproval can help you drive better applicant code compliance, CLICK HERE.

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