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Eproval, a cloud-based solution, drives visibility for both applicants and reviewers in the special event permitting process

A common complaint from special event offices during the permitting process is that city administrators do not have visibility into approvals from external departments or agencies. Without knowing the external department’s application status, administrators must either make assumptions, engage in back-and-forth communication or risk stalling the process. At best, this lack of visibility leads to sequentially processed applications. During these delays, eager applicants become frustrated with the lack of timely updates. But it need not be that way.

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Do your application reviewers complain they can’t access all of an event’s information in one easy location? Are your days filled with calls from applicants wondering where they are in the permitting process? If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Lack of visibility for administrators and applicants is most pronounced in paper-based systems but is not much better with large eGov workarounds. These systems do not create an ideal environment for collaboration because administrators cannot simultaneously review notes and approvals that have already occurred in other departments. Imagine a world where administrators and applicants are given real-time visibility into the status of their applications. Believe it or not, that future is here.

Eproval’s cloud-based system facilitates real-time collaboration between city administrators and external departments. Reviewers and approvers can instantly see what steps have already been taken or are still needed to close an application. Instant notes and alerts allow them to work in tandem with visibility into what is happening in other critical areas. This heightened visibility eases the burden of the review process, ultimately reducing time spent in meetings.

Applicants also benefit from improved visibility. With Eproval, event organizers can login to view the status of their permit. A green dot tells them their application has advanced to the next stage in the workflow, a yellow dot indicates it is currently under review and a red dot indicates it is awaiting review. This dashboard system helps eliminate the frustration applicants often feel with the lack of timely updates.

header special event permitting surveyA lack of coordination between administrators and external departments is more common than most cities realize. An Eproval customer survey found that prior to implementing Eproval, 65% of special event applications had gaps in communication with other departments and agencies. Implementing Eproval provided insight that helped drive timely follow-through on approvals.

The same survey showed that communication and collaboration with supporting departments such as fire, sanitation and police, improved by 100%.

An archive also prepares administrators with instant access to records if needed for an audit. When management requests a special event dashboard, data can easily be pulled from Eproval’s centralized storage. When city council asks for a report on how many events took place during the months of July and August Eproval allows administrators to quickly sort approved applications. Permit applications and event numbers can also be tallied on the fly to identify staffing, venue and any potential conflicts with road repairs or other issues. In addition to providing information on historical events, Eproval’s database can be used to quickly duplicate processes for recurring events. With Eproval, event offices no longer worry about event audits or legal records now that they have visibility into a past event archive.

These are all ways that Eproval offers richer communication for informed decision-making and happier applicants.

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