Case Study: City of Albuquerque

Eproval Helps Albuquerque Improve Special Event Permit Process

A few years ago, the City of Albuquerque’s Special Event Office decided it was time to replace their paper-intensive permit approval process with a digital solution. Obtaining a Special Event Permit from the City was confusing, required multiple applications with multiple departments, and it would take weeks (even months) to approve a permit because of their review inefficiencies. Unfortunately, the City lost almost two years of time and resources pursuing a solution that wasn’t specifically designed to support Special Event Permits.

The City finally decided it was time to look for a replacement solution, one that was designed specifically for Special Event Permits, and a solution that would work seamlessly across all departments and external agencies.

City of Albuquerque: a client of Eproval

City of Albuquerque


Not only is Eproval easy to configure as our policies and processes change, we couldn’t be happier with the personalized client support we receive from Eproval’s team.

Eric John Werner,
Management Analyst

The City’s Special Event Office has since come a long way! They have now transitioned from their paper and email-based system to using Eproval which is 100% digital. The solution is designed specifically to make event permit approvals faster and easier, and has been very well received by City staff and event organizers. In fact, with Eproval, the Special Event Office is now issuing permits faster than they anticipated. They have seen a significant decrease in the amount of time it takes for other departments and agencies to approve applications, and communications between approvers and event organizers has never been easier!

Check out the City of Albuquerque’s Eproval System.