Eproval’s automated notifications enhance event permitting decisions

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Setting proactive messages drive timely documents, complete applications & ultimately better-informed decisions

Eproval's Scheduled Email Notification ModuleProactive notifications can help drive the timely submission of permit applications leading to better-informed decisions.

Well-informed permitting decisions require accurate and timely applicant information. When decisions for special event permits are based on incomplete, late or unsupported applications, reviewers risk making mistakes or compromising the quality of their decisions. Since safety, economic impact and a city’s reputation are at stake, driving well-informed permitting is in everyone’s best interest. But how do we move from last-minute details to a place where we can all benefit from timely, accurate applications? The answer lies in automated notifications.

Automated notifications are based on predetermined criteria. They move special event permitting from the realm of chasing last-minute information to a place of proactive reminders, prompts and notices.

To provide some simple examples, imagine automatic triggers set to remind applicants that they still have incomplete information as looming deadlines approach. Perhaps a list of vendors is due 30 days before an event. Automatic reminders can be sent 40 days before the deadline to remind applicants to submit their vendor list in the next 10 days. As the complexity of events increases, the power of scheduled notifications begins to grow exponentially.

“At Eproval we pride ourselves on helping cities streamline their permitting processes,” said Jonathan Thompson, Eproval’s Managing Director, “By automating essential, but routine tasks like deadline reminders or reviewer prompts, we save cities time, effort and ensure permit decisions are based on important criteria like safety and economic impact. Ultimately, our Scheduled Notifications Module allows administrators to move from reactive to proactive communication.”

Eproval’s Scheduled Notifications Module comes with unlimited email notifications, an easy-to-use configuration tool, and smart business logic that allows users to customize and schedule critical messages to reinforce permitting needs.

In addition to keeping applicants informed, Scheduled Notifications allow administrators to automatically remind prior year organizers to submit their applications on time. This feature can also be used to notify all applicants of changes to fees, requirements, or policies. Furthermore, administrators can use Scheduled Notifications to keep the internal review process moving along efficiently. For example, an email can automatically be sent if a reviewer has not completed a task within a defined number of days or a predetermined time window.

Eproval’s flexible permitting platform is also easily configured for processing grant applications. Cities using the platform to process grant applications can also use the Scheduled Notifications to remind recipients to file their quarterly or semi-annual reports. Administrators can set pre-set reminders based on the type of grant or reporting schedule. This feature can help ensure that grant recipients are meeting their reporting obligations in a timely and efficient manner.

Scheduled Notifications automate routine but necessary communications in the permitting process. Automating messages used as prompts or reminders propels the permitting process forward without the need to chase down incomplete information, ultimately leading to better informed permitting decisions.

Automated messages can easily be set up and managed using Eproval’s powerful Scheduled Notifications Module. To learn more, please schedule a product demonstration.

Eproval is a software as a services platform designed specifically for special event permitting. Local governments use Eproval to move processes online, automate workflows and streamline collaboration. By taking complex permitting workflows and making them simpler, more transparent, scalable and efficient, Eproval saves time and money for applicants and reviewers.

Jonathan Thompson, Managing Director
jonathan @ eproval.com