Support for multiple application types

Eproval helps local governments move their processes online, automate their workflows and streamline their

permitting and licensing processes. Once our clients see just how easy it is to set up and configure our platform, they are delighted to use our permit management software for multiple permitting applications. To date, Eproval supports the processing of 36 different types of permits. We take complex processes and make them simpler and more efficient for local governments who in turn make it easier and simpler for applicants. Let us know how we can help you with your permitting challenges.


Licensing and permitting
Licensing and permitting solution

Software as a service

Eproval’s permit management software as a service model offers benefits unmatched by on-premise software including flexibility to scale services to accommodate the changing needs of local government, an unparalleled opportunity for collaboration, 24/7 access from anywhere, at any time, centralized records and reporting, predictable costs for implementation, upgrades, and maintenance. Data security, savings, and data accuracy.

Features & product tiers

Eproval offers three product tiers built on the same platform that can be scaled at any time to add more users, features, functionality, application types or enhanced reporting.

solution producttiers
solution security

Product Security

Eproval’s hosted solution take advantage of secure data centers, redundant fail-over and Microsoft Azure’s security protocols to deliver a secure service with maximum uptime.