Simplify your special event permitting process

See how Eproval takes the complexity out of permitting, licensing and coordinating approvals

Eproval offers flexibility to adjust to the permitting needs of different events and bring together the right people.

Special Events Permitting Solutions

Welcome to Eproval, the leader in special event permitting, grant application processing and complex licensing. Unlike large enterprise systems, we offer a tailored approach to meet your unique needs. Read more to understand how we can help with your special events permitting processes.

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Simplify Complex Processes


Simplify Complex Process

Issuing permits for special events is one of the most complex processes in local government. Multiple reviewers must evaluate a wide range of risk factors which can quickly make the process complex. But Eproval helps simplify the process.

Add Features

Add Features

Designed to be flexible and extendable, Eproval allows for unlimited applicants, reviewers and approvers. Sophisticated workflows accommodate any process requiring applicants and approvers. Smart forms dynamically extend and optional modules can be added for payment processing, customized reports & calendar.

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Implement Easily

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Implement Easily

Guided by experts who are knowledgeable in workflow design, Eproval is easy to implement. Regardless of how many steps in your process, or how complex, Eproval will move you online and look for ways to streamline. Eproval follows a proven formula for onboarding and training, making it easy to learn and use.

Save Time and Money

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Save Time and Money

Applicants can automatically populate data from prior events, smart forms dynamically expand to indicate required fields & spontaneous tips guide completion. Reviewers enjoy fully completed forms, reduced printing costs, workflows that ease collaboration & fewer hours in meetings.

Automate Permitting Complexity

Say goodbye to paperwork and long waiting times. Our user-friendly interface guides your constituents through the online application process, eliminating manual submissions and reducing errors. Eproval makes permit applications efficient, ensuring all the necessary information is provided and speeding up the approval timeline.
Special event permit applications follow a complex process
Eproval connects all relevant agencies together

Real-Time Permitting Collaboration

Coordinate effortlessly with all stakeholders involved in the permitting process. Eproval’s collaborative workflow enables efficient communication between event organizers, permitting agencies, emergency services, and other relevant parties. Keep everyone informed in real-time, fostering smooth collaboration and minimizing delays.

Flexible and Powerful

We understand the nuances of multiple applicants, reviewers and approvers and because we are designed specifically for special events, there are never any costly workarounds. We offer superior flexibility to add additional modules, dynamically extend forms, add reporting or migrate different types of applications.

Eproval offers flexibility to adjust to the permitting needs of different events and bring together the right people.
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Eproval streamlines special event permitting

Eproval eliminates paper, reduces administrative costs and drives inter-agency collaboration.