2-Phase Application Module

(Reservation of Space)

Eproval’s Two-Phase Application Module streamlines the process of reserving public spaces for events. In the first phase, event organizers can apply to reserve a park or public venue. If the space is available and the initial reservation is approved, the system automatically populates a permit application and notifies the applicant to complete the necessary details. This two-step process allows event organizers to secure the venue before finalizing all event details and gives administrators a chance to gather any additional information before making a permit decision.

Eproval 2-Phase Applications Module (Reservation of Space)

Ensure event organizers can secure public spaces

The success of an event often depends on ideal timing and location. Aligning the appropriate date with the perfect location can drive the return of attendees, vendors, and sponsors year after year. The 2-Phase application process offers organizers the opportunity to confirm time and location before preparing detailed plans that are required in the permitting process. Since successful events increase community engagement and boost economic activity, it is important for cities to always efficiently manage the reservation of space process.

Minimize conflicting use of public property (right-of-way)

To minimize conflicting uses of public property, many event organizers seek to secure a reservation of space well in advance of an event date. Public spaces, particularly roads and parking, compete with other public priorities such as construction, paving and sewer projects. Using Eproval’s 2-Phase Application Module allows event organizers to reserve public spaces months in advance and work out any potential conflicts or safety issues with public agency staff before the event date.
Application Review

Ensure an accurate and efficient review process

Accurate and complete event applications lead reviewers to informed permit decisions. During the early planning stages, information such as staffing, security, health and safety may not be readily available. However, public agencies require detailed information in order to issue permits. By utilizing Eproval’s 2-Phase Application Module, event organizers can secure the venue while finalizing their plans. Later, they can provide complete and accurate information in the second phase. This ensures an efficient and well-informed review process.

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