Reducing time for applicants, reviewers and administrators in the special event permitting process

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Eproval, a cloud-based solution, drives savings in time, money & error reduction

When it comes to processing special events, tracking down paper applications and scanning hardcopies should be a thing of the past. But for many folks this may sound all too familiar. However, experts caution delaying the move to an automated system is costing time and money.

Eproval save you time

Cloud-based systems such as Eproval save applicants time by adding instructions to guide accurate form completion, dynamically expanding mandatory fields with smart forms and pre-populating data for recurring events. Online solutions that facilitate collaboration can also ease the burden of the review process, ultimately reducing time spent in meetings and calls to applicants for clarifying information.

Paper-based systems are prone to errors that occur when re-entering data into city databases, a step that is almost always needed to process approvals. Circulating paper copies for review is costly, wasteful and creates unnecessary dependencies. In paper-based systems, administrators do not have the capability to simultaneously review documents and view the status of approvals that have occurred in other departments.

To illustrate, imagine a Fire Marshall attempting to decide whether to approve a fire permit. It is difficult for them to assess the site safety without knowing the approved location of tents or structures. In paper-based systems this requires a lot of back-and-forth between departments. With Eproval, departments make informed decisions by accessing notes and prior approvals.

Savings from automated systems like Eproval accrue from accuracy that prevents the need for chasing down information, better collaboration between reviewers, richer communication between departments, enhanced visibility and optimized workflows. Allowing teams and departments to collaborate online limits the need for meetings and avoids delays.

Jan Sawyer, former City of Fort Collins special event coordinator, cautions that it may be costlier to delay the move to an online system. “Our experience demonstrates a small investment in budget and two months of implementation, returns many times that in savings of time and money. Delaying is only going to cost you more over the long run.”

City of Fort Collins experienceCITY OF FORT COLLINS EXPERIENCE
When the City of Fort Collins decided to replace their paper-based system they evaluated a number of competing e-permitting solutions. Their primary goals were to eliminate paper, drive productivity and enhance user confidence. What they found was that large eGov workarounds could not offer the flexibility they were seeking. They found Eproval’s purpose-built solution was easy to use and offered rapid implementation. As a result, they decided to sole-source Eproval.

“Internally and externally, Eproval gives added legitimacy to our special event permit program,” say Jan, “especially because it’s an easy and intuitive process which isn’t always the case.”

Eproval’s team of experts help clients move their special event permitting online by optimizing steps in the permitting workflow and looking for ways for teams to better collaborate. After streamlining the process, the customer success team configures the steps within the platform. Moving the process online from paper typically takes about two months. After which, the customer success team works with the city on continuous improvement, reporting and automating other permitting needs.

This budgeting season Eproval is happy to help your special event office prepare proposals to move your special event permitting online. If you are still tracking down paper applications and scanning hardcopies into your system, Eproval’s team of implementation experts can get your city up and running in a couple of months. To get started, resources on staff can help prepare funding proposals, prepare budgets, create implementation schedules and outline best practices.

To learn how Eproval can help move your permitting online click here.


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Driving informed administrator decisions and timely applicant updates

Eproval, a cloud-based solution, drives visibility for both applicants and reviewers in the special event permitting process.

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