Savannah launches digital special event, film and tourism permitting platform

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City of Savannah, Georgia - Office of Special Events, Film and TourismJune 18, 2021 – For Media Release

(Savannah, GA) – The City of Savannah is pleased to announce the selection of Eproval, a cloud-based platform that will streamline the special events, film and tourism permitting process. The selection of Eproval falls under the city’s Good Government initiative, a process of remaining consciously committed to efficient government operations. The City will use the Eproval platform to permit all special events, weddings, films, block parties, and temporary use of the right-of-way permits.

The City’s goal is to automate the permitting process to make it faster, simpler, easier and more transparent for applicants and staff. The new platform promises to reduce costs, errors and save time during the approval process.

Prior to selecting Eproval, the City’s event permitting process was facilitated through land management software that was found to lack the flexibility to appropriately address the needs of applicants and staff. Applicants were faced with a long, complex paper-based process while staff were challenged with potential data entry errors and a costly, time-consuming, paper-based system in which the application status was not visible to the public.

In 2019 the City of Savannah processed over 1500 special event applications.

About Eproval

Eproval was developed in response to the needs of special event offices. Large eGov workarounds cannot offer the same transparency, engagement, extendibility, scalability, compliance, legal auditing capabilities and savings in time & money. There is simply no other purpose-built solution that offers the same flexibility, ease of use and rapid implementation. As a result, many cities are sole-sourcing Eproval as the special event permitting platform of choice.

The Epremium license offers unlimited users and permit types. Eproval has been used by other cities to process permits for block parties, public demonstrations, street closures, sidewalk sales, food truck & vendor permits, alcohol, busking, fire, fireworks, signs, filming, photography, among others.

Eproval will assist City staff in creating a better experience for all users and drive enhanced customer satisfaction, accuracy, quality and real-time transparency.

Eproval saves time, money and drives enhanced stakeholder engagement and transparency. The platform prevents errors, is flexible, easy to use and scales along with your City’s needs. In addition to driving compliance, the solution acts as a central archive to quickly duplicate processes or act as a legal audit repository.

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Eproval drives enhanced engagement for special event permitting

Cloud-based platform improves visibility and collaboration for applicants, reviewers and approvers.

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