Norwalk Launches Online Special Event Permit Application System

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May 14, 2021 – For Media Release
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(Norwalk, Conn.) – The City of Norwalk is pleased to announce the launch of its new online Special Event Permit application system.  The new system, powered by Eproval, streamlines the permitting process and assists in the planning and meeting the necessary requirements for a safe and enjoyable Special Event.  The system also has a Citywide Special Event calendar to help organizers and residents know of the upcoming events.  The online system can be accessed 24/7 at

“We grant hundreds of permits every year, and we want to make this process as simple and convenient as possible.  One of my major priorities is moving more systems online to improve efficiency and transparency, and help remove significant amounts of paper from a manual process.  Our new online system is a real win for the community,” said Norwalk Mayor Harry W. Rilling.

Before the launch of the new online system, residents and event organizers would have to visit multiple city departments, and in some cases, multiple city buildings, to have a permit reviewed and approved.  This proved to be a major inconvenience for volunteer organizers.  Over the last several months, City staff, led by the Mayor’s Office and City Clerk’s Office, worked with Eproval on a system that fit the needs of residents.  Staff were instrumental in creating the workflows necessary to capture all the possible permit scenarios.

The online platform is an easy, centralized one-stop online solution for all Special Event Permit applications and approvals.  It is available from any computer or device at anytime and anywhere.  Applicants and event organizers can check the status of their permit online in real time, and the entire process can be conducted remotely.  All applications must be received at least 60 days in advance of the  event.  This allows time for other boards, commissions and committees to meet and approve an application.  If submitted later, the application may be declined.

Special Events are a form of Public Gathering and are subject to Chapter 88 of the Norwalk City Charter.  All Public Gatherings, and therefore all Special Events, require a License to be obtained in advance form the Norwalk City Clerk.  Examples of Special Events include foot races and bike races; festivals and craft show; and parades and marches.

For more information on the Special Event permit application, visit  For questions on the Special Event permit process, site availability, or the suitability of an event, email

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