Eproval expands leadership team with former Executive Director, Special Events and Filming, City of San Diego

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Carolyn Wormser: Retired Executive Director Special Events & Filming City of San Diego

November 2, 2021 – For Media Release

Carolyn Wormser to join software company in the role of Chief Innovation Officer

VANCOUVER – Eproval, a software company dedicated to assisting local governments in automating their eGov processes such as event approvals, grant applications and film licenses, is pleased to announce that Carolyn Wormser has joined their team in the role of Chief Innovation Officer.

“I am delighted to be joining the Eproval team to continue my life’s work making local government faster, more efficient and more satisfying for members of the community” said Ms. Wormser.

Recruited in the early 1990’s to establish the Office of Special Events for the nation’s 8th largest city, Carolyn Wormser spent nearly 30 years building the program to become San Diego’s celebrated and nationally acclaimed Special Events & Filming Department.

Experiencing more than 600% growth, she developed teams across multiple departments, implemented permitting processes and forged collaborative partnerships to drive annual service levels.

During her tenure, the Special Events & Filming Department was recognized nationally and internationally for its integrated technological solutions, planning processes and operational support systems that were designed to address public safety, regulatory agency compliance and community engagement.

This next move is an ideal fit for Ms. Wormser who from a personal and professional perspective is able to leverage her unique knowledge and talents.

“Eproval is a platform that addresses the key challenges facing local government, namely the need for greater savings, transparency, engagement, compliance and permanent record archiving. Joining the Eproval team was the next logical step in my career and a home where I can continue to make a significant impact.”

Among her numerous achievements at the City of San Diego, Ms. Wormser and her team were annually responsible for:

  • 1,250 permitted event dates for festivals, parades, runs/walks/triathlon, farmers markets and concerts with an estimated attendance of 10 million people
  • 1,500 permitted filming dates ranging from major motion pictures, original series, reality television, independent films, shorts, commercials and print campaigns
  • 1,000 right-of-way conflicts resolved between construction projects and special event/filming venues
  • Driving $500+ million in annual economic impact to the region through successful events

In her new role, Ms. Wormser will be responsible for assisting clients in addressing their biggest challenges automating approval processes. She will act as a client-side expert and consultant, provide tips and expertise, help clients develop the tools and materials needed to plan, fund and execute automated approval processes and assist the sales team as a subject matter expert. Additionally, she will assist with training, onboarding and simplifying the complexity of special events for local government clients.

Commenting on the new leadership addition, Eproval’s Managing Director, Jonathan Thompson said, “We are pleased by the high calibre of talent we have been able to attract and Carolyn Wormser is one more example of the A-team we are building at Eproval.

Carolyn Wormser began in her new role on September 1, 2021.

For more information, please contact
Jonathan Thompson
jonathan @ eproval.com


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