Automated special event permitting is simpler than you think

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Guided by experts who can streamline workflows, some vendors are inexpensive, simple to use, and can be implemented in as little as two months

Are you moving back to the office after a year of working from home and wondering how you can move your event permitting to the cloud? Sometimes just taking the first step is the hardest. Special event offices are aware that paper-based permitting is inefficient and lacks the accountability and transparency of automated solutions, but migration fears are preventing some administrators from getting on with the job. It’s true, change is difficult, but some change is a whole lot easier when helped by experts who have been through the process and can provide guidance and support.

Automated special event permitting is simpler than you think

Prior to the advent of cloud-based solutions, large enterprise software projects were unpredictable and raised serious concerns about cost, compatibility, timelines, training and hardware platforms. Some city administrators recall purchases that took years to implement, cost millions of dollars in professional fees and in the end did not produce the expected results. With those projects came frustrations over training and onboarding. But unless special event offices are contemplating implementing large eGov workarounds, those unfounded fears are preventing teams from moving ahead with solutions to make life much easier.

Some large eGov vendors are still trying to position themselves as nimble experts with a module for special event permitting. But be wary if the expected implementation timeline exceeds more than a few months. When choosing a vendor ask if the solution was purpose-built for special event offices and what other cities are using the solution. As part of your due-diligence, call reference cities to find out how long it actually took. A vendor may tell you they can get the job done in 4-6 months but a quick call may reveal that there were several follow-on months for configuration, reporting and training. It’s important to know the full commitment of time. A cloud-based solution shouldn’t take more than a few months for all steps.

For this example, we looked to Eproval, an e-permitting solution that best illustrates the ease of use and rapid implementation of cloud-based solutions. Eproval is unique among vendors in that they offer in-house staff to assist with migrating workflows online. These professionals have worked in special event offices so they understand the opportunities and challenges. Although paper-based processes can simply be moved online, the real value is derived from enhancing existing workflows. Eproval’s customer success team helps guide clients through every step to realize efficiencies by streamlining their existing process. Clients report they are pleasantly surprised to find the work is completed in less than three months.

Unlike paper forms that require a re-write to accommodate process changes, online forms allow flexibility for administrators to migrate, rearrange and streamline their existing process regardless of how many steps, the order of steps or the complexity of the process. Online forms also allow for powerful reporting.

Eproval is easy to implement with an intuitive user interface and little training required. It takes teams almost no time to get up to speed. As part of the onboarding process Eproval offers “train the user” sessions to acquaint users with the backend and illustrate how to make instant changes to application steps and workflow. This eliminates the need for change orders and coding consultants. Eproval comes with a customized user guide.

Click here to learn how Eproval can help you streamline your permitting workflows and move your special event permitting online in as little as two months.


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